Enterprise Content Management... at home???

In the corporate enterprise, content management issues are no surprise. How do we as an organization manage, store, search & retrieve the huge amount of data that makes up our business? Emails, documents, images, etc.

There are certainly plenty of fancy tools and options at our disposal for helping with this process. I myself and currently involved in the implentation of MOSS 2007 at my job, which seems to be one of the more popular ECM solutions right now.

But the interesting thing for me now is that, after 15+ years of being a power user of my computer and related technologies - as well as being a pack rat who can't throw away his digital artifacts - I realize I'm now facing the same issues that many large organizations face:

  • What do I do with 8 years worth of personal emails? What's the best way to archive emails 8 years ago in such a way that I can still find it easily if needed?
  • How do I store/search/retrieve old documents?
  • How do I search thru my e-books for specific information?
  • What's the best way to organize terabytes of data spread across 8 different hard drives that I've accumulated over the years?
  • How do I categorize physical backup media? Data that I've burned to CD/DVD for backup - how can I find it now that it's sitting on the shelf?
  • What kind of distaster recovery processes should I have in place? ie, how do I keep from losing gigabytes worth of precious digital family photos? Do I trust my hard drives? Or do I trust physical media like DVDs as backups? Will any of these technologies last as long as my grandmothers old picture scrapbook? - will I be able to show my grandkids my childhood pictures via DVD???

I'm gonna explore these issues over the coming months, and try to document my findings. I mean, if big business can find a way to manage its content, why can't I? :- )

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