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How do you go about storing your emails?

In the past, I've always used PST files from Outlook. Every year or so, I spit out a huge honking 1 Gig PST file that represents all the emails from the previous year. Store it somewhere nice, do a big, time-consuming Import later if I ever feel I need it again.

Okay, that's getting old. What I really want is to be able to access 60 years worth of emails right at my fingertips without having to do any importing/exporting, and w/o having a huge data file in Outlook that affects performance.

Two options I'm looking at right now - both are "desktop search engines": Vista and Copernic.

Copernic will index and search emails just fine. It pretty much does what I want except for one thing: it wants me to keep those emails in Outlook in order for it to index them. I don't want that. I know that Outlook isn't going to be happy with me keeping tens of thousands of emails in its data file.

What about Vista's search engine? Turns out that yes, Vista will index my emails within normal file folders. Great! So now, instead of PST exports, I can just copy the raw emails to file folders.

The caveat - it doesn't seem to be working right:

Where's all my metadata? This interface (above) is exactly what I need ... if it was actually working. I need those columns to actually display the data that they claim to display. Hmmmm. If anybody knows what's up with this, please let me know.

i'll keep researching...

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