Journey to the Dark side

Well, I decided to drink a little of the kool-aid and give Stevie J. and his backstreet boys a try by buying a Mac Mini. I had planned on blogging every step of my journey, however, since I know I don't have the time & patience to write a cohesive and comprehensive chronicle of my experience, plus the fact that folks like Anand have already expressed it so thoroughly, I think I'll just throw random thoughts out here along the way. We'll see how this little experiment goes...

I'd like to point out that on Day 1, I put a CD in the drive. Standard task, right? The Mac didn't see the disc. Wouldn't let me eject it. Had to restart before it would work. Did I buy a Mac or is this a mini-Windows98 box? Hmmm, not what i expected......
(originally posted 12/23/07)

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