Classic movie interfaces

Iron Man was pretty kool. But not only was it a good movie, it also showcased yet another 'hypothetical' futuristic computer interface. From fancy HUD interfaces to 3-D prototyping to voice-commanded AI robotics. Sweet. Do they sell any of that at Microcenter???

Here's my short list, in no particular order, of classic movie interfaces:

  1. Iron Man - the crazy part is that the only part of the technology that he used that I think is 'way off' in the future (other than the suit of course) is Jarvis - I think we're a long way from being able to tell a computer to "throw some hot rod red into my design...", and have the computer do so in an aestethically pleasing way. And even if it did, to be able to do it so reliably that I don't even have to review it? To be able to walk away from the screen the way Tony Stark did??? Can I trust Vista like that? :)
  2. Minority Report - the famous hands-free "magic wall". Goodbye thumb drives, hello big sheet of glass with all my data on it? :)
  3. Lost in Space - there was a very brief scene where one of the characters was typing on a small interface, and in doing so mentioned how fast the interface was. What I thought was kool was how small the interface was, and yet in theory he was able to program all these complex commands, as well as get any necessary feedback that he needed. I don't think the movie makers were going for realism here, but I still thought it was kool.
  4. Swordfish - remember the 6-monitor setup that the main character uses to create his super hack? I really don't think 6-monitors would be helpful for what he was trying to do, but it still looked cool.
  5. The Matrix - here's an interface that I always wish I had whenever I'm trying to learn some new technology. Why can't I just download all the Wrox and APress books in the world directly into my brain??? :) Also, the idea of feedback to the user in the form of green flowing characters - interesting.
  6. Disclosure - a "virtual reality" interface for content management? Kool! Interestingly, he still had to flip virtual pages in his virtual reality environment to read one of the documents. Is that a step forward or a step back in speed and efficiency?
  7. iRobot - imagine not having to walk into a certain room at home to use my computer. Why can't my computer be whereever I am? Why can't every wall be a monitor? Or have the computer to create a holographic display right in front of me whereever I am? That's what V.I.K.I. was in this movie. I gotta get me one of those - minus the going crazy and trying to destroy the human race, of course. :)

Okay that's all I've got for now.

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  1. The thing from "Minority Report" that I _really_ want to see become a reality is the self-driving car. Driving is such a time-sink. Yeah, you can listen to audio books, but I prefer to actually "read" my books. Crazy I know. The one thing I LOVED about living in Dallas was the light-rail. It gave me 40 more minutes of productivity every day.