HP 2710 Tablet PC

I've recently begun using HP's latest tablet pc, the 2710. My previous experience with tablets has been with my trusty (but old) Toshiba Satellite R15. To it's credit, it's definitely done it's job pretty well over the years, but as of now it's about 3 years old, and we know that in tech-years that means it's ancient and outdated. :)

But like many things in life, having the old stuff makes you really appreciate the new stuff. Here's what I appreciate so far about not just the HP tablet, but today's tablets in general:

  • Screen size - most tablets these days are 12 inches, and although that's smaller than my Toshiba, I've come to appreciate that 12 inches is enough. Also, it's a good deal because of my next point
  • Weight - because of the smaller screen size and other form factor decisions, even the heaviest of today's tablets seem to be lighter than my Toshiba. I'm pretty sure the HP is at least half the weight of my Toshiba, which means I'm now more comfortable with moving around, and to onlookers, I look less 'awkward'. :)
  • Integrated Bluetooth - on my Toshiba I need an external bluetooth receiver, separate software, and favor from the heavens to get bluetooth to work. Now with integrated hardware and Vista's built-in support, it's a much more pleasant experience.
  • Indoor/outdoor screen viewing - need I say more? Now I can work comfortably on a nice day in my sunroom! :)

Expect more info about my tablet experience in weeks to come...

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