Hitting the road with my trusty PPC

Took a trip to Toledo, Ohio this weekend. Used my HTC Mogul with Sprint Navigation for the whole trip. That included getting there, finding the hotel after leaving the event, finding an IHOP in the morning, and getting back home. It worked very reliably. The GPS is accurate to literally within a few yards of my location.

I've been meaning to blog about all the kool features of my phone, so I guess I'll start here with this navigation experience. I use Sprint Navigation when I need turn-by-turn directions spoken aloud to me by the little navigation lady. :) I also have Google Maps installed, which lately I've been using as a backup when Sprint Navigation information seems suspect (which isn't often). I also use it for fun when I walk the dog, to see the blue dot follow us around the neighborhood. :-)

Also, I realize that both of them make for great Yellow Pages. I can search for stores or restaurants near my location (or near any location with Google Maps) and get a listing, complete with phone numbers, links to websites, etc.

It's very liberating to have the power of navigation at your fingertips. Even in a new city, I felt like I could find my around anywhere I needed to go. I even matched my navigation directions up against those of a hometown local - they conceded that my phone was superior. :)

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  1. R-brian says:

    Oooh IHOP! Good call! Thanks for the review of Sprint Navigation. I read that it spoke to you one other place but this confirms it. I'll have to get that feature when I switch over this Summer ;)