The Union of the Century

Two of my favorite things - computers and Seinfeld - have finally been brought together via the new marketing campaign Microsoft has been doing. I'm a big fan of Microsoft products, but when I'm not on the computer, I watch Seinfeld re-runs as if I haven't seen them 47 times already. :)

My friends are making fun of me because of the not-so-funnyness of the first commercial. I told them that I'm convinced there is a master scheme at work here, and if we don't get it, there must be something wrong with US! Okay, I'm being silly, but I actually am kinda thinking that down the line this whole thing is gonna unfold as some masterful marketing magic. How can you go wrong with Seinfeld on your team??? :)

I watched the 2nd commercial via Microsoft's website in its full HD, Silverlight-powered glory. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

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