Three’s Company

I was shopping for a new bluetooth headset for my Mogul.  Found a site that made me appreciate having a triple-monitor setup. :)  I was able to view their side-by-side headset comparison w/o too much scrolling:

image (i added lines to symbolize where my monitor boundaries are)

For the most part, 2 monitors is enough.  It certainly is the new minimum – I can’t go back to just one.  But many times, that 3rd monitor does come in handy.  I particularly like it while developing web applications with Visual Studio:

  • I expand VS to use 2 monitors
  • In one monitor I have the Designer view of my ASPX page
  • In the other monitor I have the code-behind view
  • In the third monitor, I have a IE open for when I need to View In Browser

Nice! :)

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