Please Fix the iPhone

I think I’m officially done with my crusade to debunk the so-called coolness of the iPhone.  Why, you ask?  Because of the 1,800 “please fix” wishlist items I just saw on

If imageyou take a look at this list, you’ll see that the iPhone is just as flawed as any other phone out there.  Well, actually… it might be worse than that.  You might be surprised at some of the things on the list?  No cut-n-paste???  Hasn’t that been a standard for personal computing since like the 80’s???

This just solidifies my view that Mac is a less about ‘superior technology’ and more about ‘marketing hype’.  And now that I’ve seen thru the veil – it doesn’t seem worth talking about it anymore.  It’s like laughing at the kid who always loses the playground races, only to later learn that he has asthma.  Awww… a tear for iPhoney…. I mean, iPhone.  :)

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  1. Man rick. you know the iPhone is cool. Stop hating...