Mac needs antivirus

In InformationWeek, the author wrote:

“…Apple has always boasted that "Mac OS X isn't plagued by constant attacks from viruses and malware" because its operating system was "designed with security in mind."

But about two weeks ago, Apple updated an old note on its support Web site advising its customers to use more than one antivirus application to make their computers more secure, affirming a longstanding divergence between its marketing and its technical concerns…”

In, the author wrote:

“…Here's why it's so important: Many Mac users are so confident that they pile up gigabyte after gigabyte of personal documents, photos, data and songs. If a virus hits, they have lots to lose, and often haven't taken as many precautions as their PC brethren…”

In his blog post in August 2008, Ricardo (that’s me) said:

“…So yes, you probably will have less trouble with viruses while using a Mac, but please don't assume it's because Mac is somehow superior in its security design - and please remember that the more popular your Mac becomes, the more susceptible it will be - will Mac be ready when the hackers decide they're ready to launch a full-blown attack?…”

In “I Robot”, Detective Spooner said:

“…Somehow, ‘I told you so’ just doesn’t quite say it…”


Classic….  ;-)

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