Windows 7 Beta

So, I figured I’d join the ranks of those who are trying out the new Beta of Windows 7.  So I fired up a VPC and gave it a shot.  I only messed with it for about a half hour, so this is just some initial thoughts:

  • Install process and time to install was good – seemed pretty quick.  Loads fast.
  • For the most part, it feels just like Vista. (which for me is a good thing, since I like Vista) 
  • It kinda felt like the new taskbar was a rip-off of the Mac taskbar.  Usually I’m okay with Windows ‘borrowing’ good ideas, but I never did like that Mac taskbar.
  • For some reason, I haven’t yet been able to experience the “full-screen taskbar previews” or the “invisible windows to see your desktop” stuff.  Either I haven’t enabled something, or maybe it’s got something to do with me running virtually?
  • Do I need Outlook installed before I can view email metadata?  I threw a few .msg files in there hoping all the metadata would be magically exposed with what I assumed is a ramped up Search engine.  Nothing new so far.

It’s a little early for a final verdict, but I guess the good news is that it ‘feels’ at least as good as Vista.  I’ll give it a little more time to see when it starts to feel better.

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