Office Web Apps released

Today Microsoft released Office Web Apps (aka Google Apps killer) 1 week ahead of schedule.

I immediately jumped into Office 2010, specifically Excel and OneNote, to see just how easy it would be.  Made some quick docs, then went to the Backstage to push them to the cloud.  Very seamless process – everything just worked, and the fidelity and parity on the web side for my client-created documents was very impressive.

The first thing I thought about was how it was nice to be able to create content using tools I already know, and have been using for about 2 decades. :)  My attempts at using Google were decent, but having to learn a new system, no matter how similar to my other experiences, was less than appealing.

The 2nd thing I thought about was using this to post some spreadsheet content for one of my study groups, who in the past have fought my attempts at getting them to use cloud-based collaboration tools.  Perhaps the familiar interface will make this latest effort more successful. :)

I’ve yet to try my Office Mobile 2010 software on my Windows 6.5 phone to see what’s offered there.  But so far, it’s looking like a good start.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Thank you for sharing these insights with us. Your blog made it to my sidebar today!

    peace, Wayne