Good Job, Team!

The results are in – the BDPA Columbus team scored 12th out of 22 teams in the 25th Annual BDPA High School Computer Competition! Congratulations team!

Here’s a few key facts to put this achievement in perspective:

  • This is an improvement over last year, in which the 2009 team scored 24th place out of 25 teams.
  • Out of the 4 students on the team, 3 of them were first-time participants, and one of them is a high school freshman.
  • Most of the team had no prior knowledge in web design or .NET programming.
  • The top 5 teams receive awards and recognition at the yearly Conference Gala.

This marks the culmination of a lot of hard work on the part of these students. We are very proud of them – way to go Team! (see some of the team’s highlights on BDPA Facebook)

UPDATE 8/2/2010: Here is the Problem that the student’s had to solve from this year’s competition.  And yes, it is as complicated as it looks... :)

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  1. Villager says:

    I join Ricardo in sharing good vibes with the youngsters that made up the HSCC team from BDPA Columbus chapter. They did all of us in the state of Ohio proud!

    I look forward to seeing the chapter continue its growth as it prepares for the 2011 HSCC championships in Chicago IL.

    peace, Wayne