Mid-point of BDPA 2010

The high school students are currently wrapping up the final part of their computer competition.  Kudos to all of them for hanging in there. Today was an 8am – 4pm all day marathon for them, as they work together throughout the day to finish a challenge programming assignment.  This year’s assignment centered around a fictional construction company, and involved many aspects, including the design of a login interface, a Requests for Proposal submission form, and a system to generate estimates based on construction costs.  I anxiously await hearing back from the students to see how they think they did.image

The High School Computer Competition is an important part of the BDPA conference, whose focus is on imagehighlighting and developing the African-American presence in the IT industry.  I also find it interesting that this same week there are a couple more conferences of similar perspective going on.  The National Association of Black imageJournalists Conference is happening this week in San Diego (10TV’s Jerry Revish told me about that one as we both waited to board the plane leaving Columbus), and this week also marks the 100th anniversary and conference of the National Urban League.

So, lots of history going on this week.  Let’s see if our BDPA Columbus team can also make history in their competition today.  Go Team Go! :-)

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  1. Villager says:

    Good luck to the BDPA Columbus team!

    peace, Wayne