Volunteers are kool

This weekend in Columbus, Ohio a whole room full of smart people are giving their time to make websites for non-profit organizations.  It’s called Give Camp, and it’s a 3-day all-night marathon of coding goodness.  Local developers work thru image the wee hours of the night helping organizations with their tech needs. Follow the official Twitter hashtag (#cmhgc) to see real-time tweets and pictures.

I couldn’t participate myself, partly because I do a little techie volunteering myself on Saturdays.  I help teach .NET web development to high school students through the local chapter of BDPA and the HSCC program, a national competition which this image year will take place in Philadelphia.  Today they learned a little more about accessing MySQL databases with .NET (explaining datasets and connection strings to teenagers is not as easy as you might think). :)  I’m proud to say that they’re doing a great job grasping the material, including object-oriented concepts.

It’s great to see Central Ohio talent giving back to the community.  I hope the Give Camp folks can stay awake long enough to dot[notation] every I[nterface] and cross every [app domain] T[hread]. ;-)

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  1. Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks for posting information on the National BDPA Conference. It's going to be a great year!