Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Columbus

On August 14th 2010 I’ll be joining an all-star lineup of SharePoint speakers at Columbus’ SharePoint Saturday, an all-day event filled with imagesessions on a large range of different SharePoint topics.  These Saturday events happen all over the country, but I believe this is Columbus’ first one.  The firm I work for happens to be one of the sponsors.

My topic will be Document Management in SharePoint.  So of course my challenge is now to condense all the kool stuff that SharePoint can do as it relates to enterprise content management into a 75-minute talk.  Of course, I know from experience it’s much better to have too much content to work with for a presentation than not enough.  :-)  

I also want to try to make sure I don’t get caught up into too many of the super-kool SharePoint 2010 DM features like the Content Router,image taxonomy tagging, the Document ID service, or Office Web apps, and try to spend more time on the SharePoint 2007 feature set.  I know many of us are excited about our future plans to move to SharePoint 2010, but for now, when the Saturday sessions are finished, the reality is that on Monday most of will go to work needing to be able to put our new knowledge to work in a 2007 environment.

Planning on coming out this Saturday?  (my presentation occurs around 3pm according to the schedule)  Got a DM topic you want to make sure I cover?  Let me know – I’ll slip a slide into my presentation just for you! :- )

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