DogFood Conference 2010–Columbus, OH

Last week the annual DogFood Conference, a local conference centered around technical imagepresentations on Microsoft technologies, took place.  In addition to listening to some great presentations (my colleagues Mario, Veenus, and Bill were among the presenters), I also volunteered to work the registration table.  I was able to see how many people had registered, and folks were pouring in bright and early.  The waiting list seemed almost as long as the registered list!

A few technologies took center stage in many presentations – cloud services, SharePoint, and Windows Phone 7.  This to me makes perfect sense, since the level of interest and activity in these spaces is huge.  Anyone looking to get an update on what’s hot with these technologies right now would have been well served by attending.

As a SharePoint geek, I was tickled by the handful of people at the conference who uttered the phrase “what is SharePoint?” : )  Yeah, I know – not everyone has surrounded themselves with SharePoint and all things Microsoft like I have… but that still baffles me.

Anyway, if you missed it, at least you can check out the slide decks that have recently been posted.  Also, you can see the Twitter convo that occurred around the #dogfoodcon hashtag.  Other than that, all I can say is, you shoulda been there. : )

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