Tablet PC + PowerPoint = Productivity

Like many others, I patiently await the delivery of my new HP Slate 500 tablet PC.  Having been a long-time fan of tablets, this latest incarnation is especially exciting.

As I started thinking about how I would fit this new device into my SharePoint Consultant toolbox, I started thinking about some of the ways that I’ve used my old tablet PCs in the past.  One particularly useful technique I’ve used is to do quick drafts of my SharePoint presentations using handwriting on my tablet.  Those who’ve never used a Tablet PC might respond, “why not just write it out on paper?”  (sigh…) Paper is dead. :)  Plus, there are other advantages to the tablet.  Among them is the ability to distribute my handwritten slides electronically to others for feedback or collaboration.  Not to mention being able to add images, side notes, etc to my slides, as well as re-ordering the deck on the fly.

Below is a demonstration on my first tablet, a 2005 WinXP Toshiba convertible.  I thought it would be particularly useful to see how well even the old tablet performs, and show how Windows has for years included a lot of functionality that even today’s newer devices still don’t include.

What tools or methods do you use when preparing a presentation?

[UPDATE: I’m now a Surface Pro user! Stay tuned for a future post using PowerPoint on the Pro.]


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  1. I haven't created a presentation with a convertible tablet. Something I love doing with my Lenovo X201T is taking notes and since I'm fairly cheap I use Windows Journal. :) Maybe I'll give OneNote a try later on.