HP Slate 500: Digital Ink for Windows

I read an article about digital ink recently over at Simple Mobile Review.  I think they did a great job of comparing the handwriting features of Windows compared to some of those other ‘tablets’. ; )  In fact, they included two images that I think do a pretty good job summing up the comparison (click them to visit the original post and see them larger):

PenUltimate Inking

Active Inking Test











(images courtesy of Simple Mobile Review)


I recently used my Slate 500 to draw a workflow diagram for a co-worker, which layed out how we would design our InfoPath and Nintex Workflow solution for a SharePoint project I’m working on.  I thought it might be useful to point some of the many features that Windows gives us when it comes to handwriting and true digital ink.  So I fired up the screen capture tool, and produced the video below.  What you can’t see, unfortunately, is how my fingers played a role in creating this diagram. The Slate did a great job of managing my pen writing, finger touching, palm rejection, and flick gestures.  Pay close attention to the video annotations for more details on that.


Some of the key features I try to point out in the video are:

  • Digital ink in Windows is not just line drawings – they are vector graphic ‘objects’.  That means every individual line can be transformed, manipulated, changed, copied, etc.
  • The ability to move ink around means you can revise your handwriting – so if you’re writing notes, and would rather have the next point inserted between notes you’ve already taken, or if you want to draw in-between some drawings you’ve already done, just move your ink
  • You can convert ink-to-text, but you can also leave your handwriting as-is, and it’s still SEARCHABLE
  • With a device like the Slate, which is both multi-touch and pen-enabled, you’re writing experience becomes a combination of writing and touching – just like your real-world paper experience

Another homerun for the HP Slate 500?  Let me know what you think!

[UPDATE: Companion Blog Post >>Surface Pro and OneNote-Inking: Compared to HP Slate 500]


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  1. darrel says:

    Ric, about 4 months after the guys over at Simple Mobile Review posted a review of Notetaker HD. This is the APP I use and it works fantastic ( highlights, shapes, image input, colors, transcription etc. )

    Here is the review and a video demo at the end... http://preview.tinyurl.com/6g6uxjl

    Darrel Vaughn

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