HP Slate 500: Using OneNote on the desktop and tablet

I’ve often said that anyone who doesn’t understand what’s so cool about a tablet PC and a pen is probably someone who’s never used a tablet & pen with Microsoft OneNote.  OneNote lets me store all my handwritten notes in one searchable location, including screenshots, documents, and even audio & video recordings (imagine recording the meeting you’re sitting in, and having OneNote keep track of the point in the audio at which you write each of your notes).  Another way to think about – think Franklin Covey notebook without all the physical paper to keep track of. ; )


In today’s video, I’ll be showing how I use OneNote on both my desktop and tablet PC in order to sync changes between the two.

This is useful when I need to prepare some OneNote notebook pages for a meeting – I can prepare them via desktop quicker sometimes (with mouse & keyboard), then sync-grab-n-go to take my slate to the meeting with all my notes prepared.  It’s also kool when I want to compile some screenshots or documents that I know I want to annotate on using my pen & tablet.


My desktop and tablet are sharing their sync via one of my local network drives, but you could also sync to the cloud (specifically, your SkyDrive account), and of course share this not just with yourself, but also with 1 or more other OneNote users.




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  1. Thanks so much for your video. I have been using an HP tablet for several years with onenote for work. I set up all of my notebooks to only use it on my computer. I just purchased an HP Slate to use as a note pad around the office and I want to share my onenote notebooks between the slate and tablet. I have a server at work and could have all of my notebooks reside on the server. Do you know if I need/can modify my existing notebooks to be shared over the network?

  2. @Steve - not sure about modifying an existing notebook, but you could consider starting a new notebook in the network location, then just copy/paste whole sections into the new location.

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