Malware attack on Mac OS X

imageRecently, Wired Magazine (UK) posted an article regarding a malware attack on the Mac OS X platform.  I couldn’t resist commenting on this article, since as many know I've been known to bad mouth Apple products from time to time. :)  But this one was particularly interesting because it reminded of a post I wrote about three years ago.


My favorite part of the article says:

It's an urban myth among many that the Apple's OS X operating system is immune, or at least highly resistant, to viruses and malware. In reality that's not necessarily true. Virus creators tend not to target the Mac ecosystem simply because of its low market share in comparison to Windows, and that's changing as OS X becomes more and more popular.

This sounds strangely similar to my post I wrote in 2008:

Let's get the easy one out of the way first - we know that viruses are created by crazy & malicious hackers out there that want to cause trouble, right. Historically Mac has never had trouble with viruses. Why? Cuz those hackers didn't bother wasting their time on Mac! Windows machines control the world - why would I waste my development time putting a virus together to affect all seventeen of the Mac users of the world! :- )

okay, i'm exaggerating, but you get my point. Anyway, this security piece is recently being proven now that Mac is starting to get products like the iPhone that are taking a bigger bite out of the market. Check the news - you hear more and more stories about Mac being 'hacked' these days. So yes, you probably will have less trouble with viruses while using a Mac, but please don't assume it's because Mac is somehow superior in its security design - and please remember that the more popular your Mac becomes, the more susceptible it will be - will Mac be ready when the hackers decide they're ready to launch a full-blown attack?

imageI wonder if I’ll live long enough to see the day when the hypnotic veil surrounding Apple products is finally uncovered for good.  ; )

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