Published article at NBSP

In addition to being a big geek, I’m also a SharePoint dude. I blog on all things SharePoint in my other blog site, but every now and then some of my imageblog posts go viral. :)  It turns out that one of my articles has been published in a well-known SharePoint website for end-users, admins, and developers called  The article is based on a challenge I had at one my client sites, where definitions about key corporate artifacts like ‘documents’ and ‘forms’ had to be agreed on in order to make the project successful.  Since then, I’ve learned that with any client, whether you’re implementing a SharePoint solution or not, agreeing on key terms as early as possible is always helpful for project success.


Take a look a the article and let me know what you think.  And if you’re on Twitter, feel free to retweet me.  Thanx!

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