Technology & my international midnight presentation

I just finished giving a presentation via Live Meeting for an event based out of India.  Start time: 3:30AM EST.  I’m so glad that someone invented coffee :)

I think it’s very kool, tho, to have lived long enough to see a world where people all over the planet

can have a community event with people from other countries, and do so effectively with relatively little effort, thanx to technology.  Live Meeting did a great job of easily letting people from India, Australia, and South Africa join my presentation by simply clicking a web link.  Once in the meeting, they were able to see my slides in real-time, streamed from the desk in my home office.  The organizer in Australia was able to send me a text message to my phone to remind me that my presentation time was approaching. And of course, the party continued in the social media space, as we all used tools like Twitter (some right from their phones) to communicate with each other using the #SPSIndia hashtag.

Although I’m pretty sleepy {as I yawn one more time}, I’m glad I was able to participate – great experience.

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