Dog Food Conference 2012

DogfoodJust when you thought all the great local conferences were done for this year, suddenly you realize that the Dog Food Conference is coming up on November 8-9, 2012 at the Columbus Microsoft Office.  Dogfooding is all about using the very tools that you produce, and this year Microsoft will show once again how they make use of many of the products that they sale to us. Whether it be Windows 8, SharePoint (my favorite) or the Cloud, the Dog Food Conference this year will showcase many of them with over 40 topics presented over 2 days by community IT professionals.

Registration will open soon, but until then here are some useful links you’ll want to use:

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  1. chris says:

    The dog food makes sure of your dog's health. They are there to help you feed your dog with the nutrients that they need.

  2. I actually laughed at the other comment made on this blog. Someone posting thinking that the Dog Food Conference 2012 is actually about dog food! Even when you define what dog food your talking about. Thanks for the post. I cannot wait for the conference this year!

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