Surface RT Pro vs Windows XP?

IMAG0262_1Clearly I’m a tablet PC fan. I appreciate the power of a PC in a tablet form.  I also appreciate the power of digital ink and true handwriting on my tablet. So I’m not easily impressed by all the Johnny-come-lately consumer tablets that are popular these days.

Right now I’m waiting to see how good the upcoming Surface RT Pro will be. Unlike the current Surface RT, it will contain a full version of Windows 8 Pro, as well as the inclusion of a pen for digital handwriting. In particular, I’m wondering if it’s worth upgrading from my HP Slate 500.

But I’m also wondering if anything will match the smooth performance of my Windows XP (yes, XP) Toshiba hybrid tablet from 2005. I still pull that out every now and then – not when I want to be mobile (it’s big & heavy) but when I want a large screen and good writing experience at my desk. The pen on that thing is flawless. If it wasn’t for it being so bulky, I’d still prefer the WinXP tablet over an iPad to this day.

I’ll let you know if the Windows Surface RT Pro seems powerful enough to become my new tablet. Let’s wait and see.

2 Responses so far.

  1. That hybrid sounds nice. I can see why you only pull it out on occasion. Don't want anything to happen to it. Personally, I think Microsoft can still compete with the tablets out there, if they can deliver what consumers want better than their competitors.

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