PowerPoint Likes It When You Watch (Part 3 of 5 Things You Might Not Know)

imageIn Part 3 of our series, consider this: we’re all used to presenting our PowerPoints in a room from our laptops, connected to a projector. But what if our audience is on the other side of town? Or the other side of the world? PowerPoint solves this with its Present Online feature, which lets other viewers watch your presentation live as you flip through out it. It’s the same kind of experience that in the past we relied on web conference tools like Webex and Lync to provide. Here’s what it looks like as I begin the process of presenting my SharePoint slide deck to an online audience (notice the word “free”):


Once PowerPoint uploads your presentation and makes all the necessary preparations, you’re presented with a link that you can Share:


The result? A web-based presentation of each slide, as you (the Presenter) flip through your slide deck in real-time (see below – the words “Viewer” and “Presenter” have been added by me to distinguish the two):


Perhaps a better example of this feature is Microsoft’s latest marketing video (see below).  Notice that this young man is presenting his PowerPoint presentation to his class, while his Mom watches from a coffee shop, and his grandmother watches from home:


Stay tuned for Part 4 of our 5-part series.

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